My Hydromax Results – 2 Inches Gained!

After 1 month: When I first used the Hydromax the results would wear off when I woke up the next day but after following my routine for a month I started to notice that when I woke up in the morning I was still noticeably bigger. After just one month I started to notice that View Full →

Life changing results

For the past 12 months I’ve been using the Hydromax X30 pump and it has completely changed my life. Now that’s a pretty bold statement but when you hear my story you see I’m not exaggerating.. Things are about to get very personal.. It all started last year when I walked in on my girlfriend View Full →

I recommend the Hydromax 100%

If you stay devoted and use it every day then you’ll start seeing results fast. With regular use you can gain between 1-3 inches within 6 months. Or if you just want quick results then you you’ll be mind-f*cked at how much bigger your  looks after using it. But you need to use it regularly View Full →

It’s the best pump

I’m a user of the Hydromax Xtreme X30 pump. I bought it because I thought the hand pump looked helpful and I’m 43 and my hands ache. I found the squeezy hand pump very easy to use and I was amazed when I used it for the first time to see how much bigger and View Full →

From roughly 9 inches to almost 10 and a half inches!!

I was pleased to see that they had released the Hydromax X50 as the X40 was too small for me. This pump is just incredible. I combined it with jelqing like most guys are doing and in the 24 weeks I’ve been using it I’ve gone from roughly 9 inches to almost 10 and a View Full →

Every man should have one of these pumps!

Guys you gotta try this pump. It’s a water pump so it’s safer than normal pumps and it creates a water cushion around your . When I got mine 5 months ago the first time I used it my d*ck was about half an inch longer and thicker. I’ve been using it for 15 minutes View Full →

I have almost gained an entire inch!

Guys if you’re reading this and you want to make your  bigger then do yourself a favor and get this pump. You won’t regret it. I’m only 12 weeks in and have almost gained an entire inch! The bottom line is it works.

It Works!!

So as promised in my early comment here’s my Hydromax X40 before and after pictures. Pics I followed Greg’s routine and did pumping and jelqing and it worked better than I hoped!

From 6.4” to 7.6”

This pump is something else.. The day it arrived I used it and I could see while it was on that my  looked huge in the tube and after 10 minutes my d*ck just flopped out looking massive. When I got an  my  looked bigger than I had ever seen it before and my girlfriend View Full →

5 inches to just under 7 inches! This pump is the best!

I don’t usually leave reviews but here goes.. I guess I’m probably one of the younger pumpers being only 19! I’m a student and I was sick of feeling self conscious about the size of my  which was only just over 5 inches. I was surrounded by all these college girls but was too shy View Full →