Hydromax Xtreme X30 Review

The Hydromax Xtreme X30 is the pump for guys who don’t want to mess around.

This pump is for guys who are serious about getting results!

In this post I’m going to explain everything you need to know about this package including what you get when you order and how to get the best results with it.

Reviews! Don’t forget to take a look at the new Hydromax Xtreme reviews posted below!

What is the Hydromax Xtreme X30 Package?

Well first of all there was the Hydromax X-Series pumps but now the official makers have come out with the XTREME series.

The Xtreme series comes with a hand ball pump so you can pump your  a lot easier by just squeezing the ball.

There are 4 different sized pumps in the Hydromax Xtreme series;

The XX20 – Costs $249 and is for guys whose erect size is currently less than 4.5 inches. You can grow to 7.5 inches with this pump

The XX30 – Costs $299 and is for guys whose erect size is currently less than 6 inches. You can grow to 8.5 inches with this pump.

The XX40 – Costs $349 and is for guys whose starting size is 6 inches or longer. You can grow to 10 inches with this pump.

The XX50 – Costs $349 and is for guys whose starting size is 9 inches or longer. You can grow up to 12 inches with this pump!

If you’re still unsure of which one to buy you can use the size guide on the official website here.

I think the Xtreme series is great value for money because it comes with a bunch of accessories.

Here’s what you get when you order;

The pump with hand pump –You get the pump with squeezable ball pump.

The carry case – has a value of $40. You can put your pump and accessories in here to keep them safe. The carry case even has a lock on it.

Measuring gauge – for measuring your  easily.

Cleaning kit – It’s vital that you keep your pump clean otherwise grime and bacteria will build up. The cleaning kit is designed specifically for cleaning these pumps.

Lubricant – Just some lube.

Shower strap – Worth $29.99 this strap lets you use the pump hands free in the shower.

Insertable comfort pad – This pad makes the Hydromax Xtreme X30 pump even more comfortable.

How do you use it?

The Hydromax Xtreme series pumps are the easiest to use because all you need to do is place it onto your semi erect  and then squeeze the hand ball pump until you feel the desired pressure.

Here’s a short video that shows how to use it.


Even a chimp could figure it out! (No offense to any chimps who are reading. 😊)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the Hydromax Xtreme pumps.

How much length can I gain? A few years ago, a doctor from the Swedish Institute of Urology named Dr. Hanz Larsson conducted a test using the Hydromax pumps on 22 men.

The wore the pumps for 6 months at just 15 minutes per day and by the end of the test each man on average had increased their length by 1.77 inches.

How much girth can I gain? Dr. Larsson also noted that the average man gained 0.83 inches in girth.

How long does it take to see results? Well you will see a big size boost the very first time you use the pump however for the first couple of months any size gains will likely just be temporary from what’s known as the “pump effect”.

Dr. Larsson noted that most of the size gains happened during the last 3 months of use.

Are the results permanent? After the test Dr. Larsson conducted a 3 month follow up and found that every participant had kept their gains which concludes that the results are permanent.

If you have another question then just ask in the comments section below!

How does it help you make permanent gains?

When you use a pump it expands your  within the pump.

All this stretching and expansion is like a workout for your  and if you know anything about bodybuilding and building muscle then you’ll know that when you finish a workout your muscles repair themselves and grow.

The same applies to your  as it repairs itself and grows larger.

The Hydromax Xtreme Reviews

It’s the best pump

I’m a user of the Hydromax Xtreme X30 pump. I bought it because I thought the hand pump looked helpful and I’m 43 and my hands ache.

I found the squeezy hand pump very easy to use and I was amazed when I used it for the first time to see how much bigger and pumped up my penis looked.

I’ve been a user for almost 10 months now and have been following the routine and doing jelqing too.

In 10 months I have grown from 5.7 inches to 7.1 inches.

7 inches was my goal and I’ve reached it so I couldn’t be happier. My longtime girlfriend tells me that it’s the perfect size now so I’m going to stop jelqing and just use the pump once or twice a week as a maintenance routine.

Anyways, if you want my advice then buy this pump! You’ll be happy you did.


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The Hydromax Xtreme Routine For Success

This routine works..

Here’s what one user said about the routine.

“Hey Greg, I’ve been sticking to your routine for 16 weeks now and in the beginning I hardly saw any gains so I was a bit worried but in the last 4 weeks it’s like I’ve gone through a growth spurt and I’ve gained over half an inch! I’ll update you when I’ve done a full 6 months.

6 month update! Hey it’s me again. I’ve been pumping and jelqing for 6 months now and as promised here’s an update.

In total I have gained 1.4 inches in erect length and some nice extra girth too! Me and my girlfriend are having amazing s*x every day now!

Thanks for the routine and thanks to the makers of the Hydromax Xtreme pumps!”

The Hydromax Xtreme pumps work and if you stick to a solid routine like the one above then you will gain length and girth without a doubt.

P.S: Just make sure that you order yours from the official website because there’s tons of scammers trying to cash in by selling fakes on sites like eBay and Amazon.

The official website to purchase the Hydromax Xtreme is OfficialHydromaxPump.com

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Hi Greg and everyone reading! I’m leaving this comment to say that I would recommend if you’re thinking of buying the Hydromax that you go for the Xtreme version as the ball pump really makes a difference and makes the pump easier to use.

The extra accessories are worth it too. I’m very happy with my Xtreme X30!


Agreed! I have used one of the old pumps and the Xtreme version with the hand pump and the Xtreme version is much better and you can control the pressure much more easily.


The squeeze pump makes it so much easier to use and you can take it off too if you want. I like the case and overall I am happy with my purchase.

Oh yeah and it really does make your dick bigger lol.


How much bigger Makron? i hope you’re around to read this!!


Can we buy the hand ball pump only and fix it to the Bathmate Hydromax x30

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