5 Tips To Help You Train Smarter

Smart weight training advice can come in many forms these days.

From muscle gaining blogs to information packed websites, there’s no shortage of muscle building information floating around through cyberspace!

In order to cut through the crap so to speak, and reap the muscle building benefits of a smart weight training program, you’ll need to find a safe and reliable source of accurate information.

In order to help, I’ve outlined what I believe to fall under to category of smart weight training advice.

Most of these basic weight training tips will fall under the category of weight training common sense.

But it’s always important to keep in mind that your level of weight training common sense is only relative to what you have been exposed to in the past.

The Smart Weight Training Tips

This section falls under the category of not completely annoying everyone else in the gym while you’re working out!

Judging by the people I see in the gym these days this information is coming just in the knick of time!

1.) Never Go To The Gym Immediately After;

  • Eating A Big Meal
  • Drinking A Bunch Of Water
  • Drinking Coffee Or Any Other Type Of Highly Caffeinated Beverage

All of these activities performed prior to a muscle gain workout can lead to a very uncomfortable scene in the gym.

Picture yourself completing a set of intense squats, racking the bar, then turning around a barfing all over the gym!

This is not an exaggeration!

I speak from personal experience when I say this really does happen.

And when it does happen your fellow gym goer’s are not very forgiving.

It took a few years before people started speaking to me again!

2.) If you really must wear spandex to the gym, limit it to one section of your body!

I don’t know how anyone can convince themselves that wearing a full body spandex suit to the gym looks good.

But I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

This is a real equalizer, small geeky guys and professional bodybuilders both look equally goofy in full-body spandex!

Just don’t do it!

3.) Go Easy On The Protein In The Beginning!

If this is your first week on a higher-than-normal protein intake, learn to control your bodily functions (randomly and continuously passing gas is a no-no) at the gym.

Hey, I’ve been there.

I know that sometimes you really need to let it all out, but trust me when I say that everybody will track down the source of the odor.

Especially when it smells like dead animal matter stuffed inside of a rotting whale carcass!

4.) Don’t Hog The All The Equipment

If you’re going to perform some sort of “new age” circuit training workout, don’t occupy more than a few stations at the gym at one time.

Nothing irritates people more, than having to put an actual muscle building workout on hold so that some poser can sculpt and tone his (or her) entire body over the course of an hour!

5.) Learn and use good weight training form.

Nothing screams “bodybuilding beginner” louder than hoisting free weights through crazy and spastic muscle contractions that are quite frankly. Just Not Natural!

Not only will you look ridiculous, but you run a serious risk of injuring yourself in the process.

If you really want to impress everybody in the gym, learn how to lift heavy weights in a very controlled and muscle stimulating manner.

Not only will you quickly begin to gain lean muscle mass, but you’ll go a long way to earn respect from all of the people at the gym who are there to actually build muscle mass (not just to pretend to be doing so!).

Hopefully these smart weight training tips have given you a dose of weight training common sense!

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