Important Checks For Your Furnace

A question you should always ask yourself as time goes by. What can I do to help my HVAC system run most efficient? It is more important during the peak times, like the middle of the summer or winter. If there is a problem and the system is not running at top performance, then check the simple things. Otherwise, everyday damage may be occurring to the equipment, and your utility bill is higher than it should be.

The first thing that always comes to mind is to check the filter. When was the last time you replaced the filter, or even looked at it to see if it looks clean? This again is especially important when it is running all the time, during the peak of the seasons.

We are all busy in our lives so consider setting an alarm to remind yourself. Increase the frequency of checking it in peak times. Check the filter about every 4 weeks based on the amount of dust you have around your area. During the times when the unit does not have to be running so much, you can check it less frequent. If the alarm comes up, you can know that it is likely that you can skip checking it this time.

Routine Maintenance is Critical to Save You Money

Always have new filters available so you do not have to keep running to the store when a new one is needing to be replaced. But you might say “I always forget to buy new filters when I go to the store”. Yes, filters are not a regular item we have to buy, so pick up a few at a time when you think of it.

When you get down to one or two filters in your closet, go ahead and plan on picking up a few more. Always a good idea to have extra filters when you are in a peak season. Your equipment will be staying on for longer cycles during these times.

Another thing to do is to make sure that your drain stays clear. You should have a way to pour a cup of bleach down the drain every so often. This helps keep it clean and clear so do this regularly, like every time you replace the filter. You do not want algae to grow inside the drain and begin to back up the drain. This drain removes all the moisture that is created during the normal operation of the central air conditioning system.

When then drain clogs, water backs up and will damage things in your home like wood flooring or carpeting. Also, this creates an environment for mold to grow, which can turn into a serious health risk and high costs to eliminate.

The Thermostat Controls the System

Check that your thermostat battery is fully charged and good. Batteries last a long time, but if it has been a long time, go ahead and change the battery. This will eliminate the possibility of your thermostat not switching the system on and off properly. It is a simple thing to be sure is correct, so if it has been a while then put a new fresh battery in there.

Look around the outside unit and make sure there is not any obstructions or anything blocking the normal flow of the air to work properly. There is a power box located on the wall beside the unit so this should be turned off if you are doing any maintenance to the unit. This will ensure your safety and keep the unit powered off, so nothing moves or has any power at all.

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